Psalm 34:4 “I sought the Lord and He heard me. And He delivered me from all my fears”

Psalm 34-4

What more do we have to see for us to believe? What more do we have to hear for us to believe? We’re commanded more often than not to let go and let God so what more do we have to see for us to believe?

“I sought the Lord”. Have you sought the Lord? Seeking the Lord is not simply speaking to him. Seeking the Lord is much more than that. Seeking the Lord requires patience and trust. Seeking the Lord requires deep hope and complete faith. The one who seeks the Lord is the one who quits everything for a moment and speaks to Him and just Him. The one who seeks the Lord spills out his heart and awaits a response. Though he awaits a response not holding His breath until it comes signifying His patience with us. Seeking the Lord is believing that everything is in His time, the right time. His time can be today, tomorrow or in 10 years but His time is the right time. If you seek the Lord you accept that. If you seek the Lord you speak to Him letting him know you need Him much more than you ever thought. Have you sought the Lord?

“And He heard me”. He heard you! Yes, He heard you! When you speak to Him, he hears you. When does he hear you? When you speak to Him! Have you talked to him today? Did you talk to him yesterday? Did you talk to him when you didn’t know where to go for help? When did you talk to Him last? He misses your voice. He wants you to talk to him and He will hear you. Leave the world for just a moment and speak to Him and He will hear you. He heard you! Yes, He heard you!

“And He delivered me from all my fears” After you’ve sought out to Him and He hears you, what more do you have to fear? If you truly believe that He has your best interest then what is missing? Why are you still fearful? It’s innate to worry of course, it’s human nature. If you have to, worry for a little time but when it’s prolonged its foolishness. Worrying for a prolonged time means you’re not really trusting your relationship with Him. If you’ve done all you can and have genuinely called out to God, the next step is to let go and wait on Him. Again it may not come how you want it or when you want it but it’ll come. Fear and worry are natural but they come from a place that lacks trust. If you trust in God and in your relationship with Him then fear and worry should be cancelled out sooner than later.

Fear is so weird in my opinion. We fear what we do not know but if we “knew”, fear wouldn’t exist and so many other things after that would change. Imagine if you knew you were going to ace your midterm next week. How many things would be different leading up to that? Would you even need God? Would you even call upon Him? Or even better, imagine you knew when you were going to die. Things would be so different it almost scares me just thinking about it. Would you even sincerely attempt at a relationship with God until its close to your time to go? I think that’s beauty of not knowing, always having to be ready but that’s a different topic.

Fear is a concept we created through unknowns but one thing is for sure, “nothing is unknown to a known God” and that’s why it’s so hard to grasp this concept of fear.

Everyday mothers and fathers are losing sons and daughters and sons and daughters are losing mothers and fathers. At the same time everyday you hear of person X who can’t get out of their slump because of the family death they faced. What are they missing? That question is hard to fully answer but a good place to start is they’re probably missing a sincere call onto God. They may be missing opportunities to sincerely pray for ease of mind rather than sitting and worrying and thinking about the sadness and the unknowns.

It’s weird; I didn’t really realize how alive clinical depression was among my community until recently. I see it almost everyday now, small cases, big cases and extreme cases. It’s really sad and I genuinely wish I had the cure for depression so people can be happy again but then what. While trying to be as sensitive as possible, I ponder on the question of how many of these depressed peoples lives would be different or significantly less if their spiritual life and/or relationship with God was different. My feeble mind does not know the right answer for sure but all I know is you can endure anything with the right tools. The most essential tool is obviously God. You can endure literally anything as long as you genuinely have God by your side and I don’t believe that will ever change.

Depression is really sad and I pray that all who are suffering find a way to help themselves through God. Mental health altogether is a serious issue and it hasn’t even been taken seriously until recently. I truly believe that uneasiness of the mind, depression or other mental health issues, starts with trying to make yourself relevant. If you genuinely lived for God rather than earthly things, I believe that we’d see a significant decrease in this mental health epidemic. Of course this is assuming that every single person turns to God, which would be beautiful. If you notice I keep using the word genuinely because I think that’s an essential component of a successful and fruitful part of a relationship with God. Authentic or real attempts to talk to God and call upon Him are what make it real and beautiful.

We’re honestly challenged every single day, every single minute to call onto God when we’re worried or anxious but sometimes we don’t use those opportunities. If for every time you felt that ounce of anxiety or uneasiness in any way, you picked up the Bible and read a verse or chapter or even just talked to God, there has to be some difference that occurs. If that weren’t the case then we wouldn’t be seeing the beauty of the Bible and of God every single day. If prayers and Bible readings weren’t difference makers then we wouldn’t be witnessing people who are willing to die for God every single day. We wouldn’t be witnessing modern day saints talking about their amazing relationships with past saints or even God Himself.

The answer to our problems is literally right in front of us and accessible and it’s so frustrating. It’s so frustrating that we’re not utilizing it. It’s so frustrating that I’m writing about it and I’m not utilizing as much as I can/should be. Finding and utilizing the answers to our problems is doable, you just have to want it.

NEW CHALLENGE (for myself and whoever wants to join): Read the Bible or talk to God at least once a day. If you’re too tired at night, at least talk to Him. And if you can’t get yourself to talk to Him for any reason, open the Bible and read.


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