Trying to Stay Relevant may be the Problem


Why people are often uneasy is something I think about frequently. A lot of things can cause you to be uneasy. Stress about school or work or familial problems can all cause you to be uneasy and that’s natural no doubt. But what about trying to be relevant? When someone truly struggles with being in the loop or “in”, is that a cause of uneasiness. Not being able to keep up with latest trends, in any case, can that make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable? Nowadays we attempt to be more important to try to fit in. And I’m not even talking about the junior high fitting in where someone tells you to “take this drink and you’ll be cool”. I’m talking about spending time or money you don’t have on things you don’t really want to please people you don’t even truly agree with. That’s what adult fitting in looks like.

Among so many youth I often observe instances where someone will go out to eat or tag along for an event, when they didn’t really intend on doing so, just because of the fear of missing out. Is that trying to stay relevant or not? This “fear of missing out” has become a real problem; I’ve even noticed it in myself. You’re afraid of missing opportunities to create memories with people who make you happy and you sometimes take extraordinary measures to make it happen even when it’s really not supposed to work out. This is a problem. This is where anxiety or other real disorders can develop. Or what about when you chime in a conversation you know is not good or not productive. I’m talking about the conversation where person a, b, and c are talking in a negative manner about person d. And you just share your thoughts on person d, knowing in the back of your mind that you don’t want to be doing this and feel bad about it right away. Why does that happen? It all goes back to trying to stay relevant. You put yourself out there even when it’s not truly what you want to do just to get a piece of that relevant pie. I can literally think of a million examples of other ways people become uneasy while attempting to make themselves relevant. But that’s not the point here. The point is where is God in all this. Yep you’re right, nowhere to be found.

Colossians 3:2 says “ Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.” What does that mean? It means exactly what it says. We’re instructed to not worry about the earthly things but instead focus on the heavenly things. Why is that? Simple! The earthly things are not relevant to the big picture. Its funny how relevance works. While you’re trying to stay relevant to earthly things, you’re losing sight of what’s actually relevant: getting to meet your Father one day in heaven. That’s the big picture I’m talking about. So instead of constantly finding yourself in a state of uneasiness, consider shifting your path and take that road that leads to focusing on the heavenly. Personally I’m so tired of finding myself in that state of uneasiness I’m referring to. It’s a real struggle to change your priorities and not worry about those earthly things but I really believe that it’s part of the journey. That journey that leads you where you belong: with your Father. And just think maybe eventually when you find your way and the way to focusing on heavenly instead of earthly so much, your days of trying to stay relevant or your “fear of missing out” will be long behind you. You just have to want it.


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