Uncontrollable and Constant Fear of Messing up/Sinning


Let me pose a question to start off. Why are we as humans so petrified of messing up? What are the consequences? Can there be anything good that comes from messing up? All these questions are ones that have crossed my mind so often and they have made my mind wander in so many different directions.

Now let me ask…How many of us have been messing up?

I don’t mess up; I’m actually on the brink of perfection. I’m forgiven because Jesus already died for my sins.

I make mistakes but that’s what confession is for, ill just tell my father of confession about it later and it’ll be okay.

As long as I’m coming to church sometimes and taking Communion and confessing I’m on a path to heaven, right!?

Are you flabbergasted by my thoughts? Sadly if not all of them, some of these thoughts are common thought processes among our generation. What’s the problem with this? Is it my self-righteousness? Is it my misinterpretation of the Bible? Or is it my thoughts on what the correct path to heaven looks like? ALL THE ABOVE!

Let me ask again, how many of us have been messing up or sinning? Are we even allowed to sin? Romans 3:23-24 says “or all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus”. I don’t know if we’re “allowed” to sin but according to this verse and everything we know about Christianity, it’s inevitable. St. Paul writes the words “all have sinned” meaning that we’re not above sin. Sin will get the best of us sometimes but that’s not the point. But before I get on with what the point is let me ask another question…What is someone who is stagnant like?

Someone who is stagnant is someone who isn’t moving or someone not growing, right? A stagnant person is someone who isn’t sinning because they’re not moving. In the weirdest way possible think about it this way, if you’re not sinning how are you growing. Of course it is possible to learn a lesson from a sin but this is for those who have already committed it for whatever reason. A Holy book of instructions and a certain lifestyle can do so much as we’ve seen through the lives of some Saints among us or dead but what about us who aren’t so strong.

If you find yourself often cursing, how do you rid of it? How do you move on and take off the old man and put on the new one? Lots of instruction (the Bible, spiritual father, etc.) and hard work is how you do it.

The point I’m trying to make is sin is definitely nearly impossible to avoid but the more important part is what comes after the sin: the lesson learned. Once you’ve established that you’ve committed a terrible sin what are you going to do to make sure you don’t do it again? Do you change your habits or you environments? Do you not put yourself in the same situations that will guide down the same reckless road? It’s possible but it takes a lot of time.

Back to the question about the stagnant person and the point of that. That stagnant person I’m referring to is someone who is not learning. Of course it’s a metaphor because there is no such thing as a stagnant person who is breathing. The point is sin can be important and can also be a turning point in our lives. We’re afraid of messing up and sinning but if we use that fear and turn it into energy into a prevention program of some sort it can become beautiful. Instead of being scared to sin, why don’t we attempt to think of ways of not performing that sin that we’re so scared of. Instead of being scared to curse, why don’t you consider ways to not curse and fill your mind with that instead of filling it with constant fear.

Use your prayers to ask God for guidance and wisdom to move past that thing that’s got you sitting in fear. Use your fear as motivation to grow closer to God and build upon your relationship with Him.

Something I try to do but need to try harder on is this:

Evaluate my sin fully

Consider the pros and cons

Plan on how to forward with actions using prayer/spiritual guidance

Act on my plan

It is important to understand that you must always try your hardest to not sin or put yourself in situations that will cause you to sin but sometimes we’re overcome and it’s devastating. Just like we understand that sin is very bad, we must also understand that sin is very important. It can help us better ourselves if we allow it to using the right direction and tools. This realization and these actions are feasible and very possible; you just have to want it.


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